Chronicle of the Folk-Dance and Costume Group “De Beekscheepers”

1904 - Between the 24 and 25 September the “1. Niedersächsisches Trachtenfest”
(1th Traditional Costume Festival of Lower Saxony) takes place in Scheessel
and around 10.000 guests from all over the province Hannover are joining it.
The Bremen society “Niedersachsenrunde”, founded by Ludwig Roselius,
is the organizer of this event, also the artist Ernst Müller-Scheeßel is a Member
of this company. Because of this festival, the Homeland Society
Heimatverein Scheessel is founded on year later.

1926 - First official mention of the Theater group

1933 - The official naming of the Theater group as “De Beekscheepers”
later changed to “De Scheesseler Beekscheepers”

1949 - Division of the group into the Theater group and the Dance group.

1950 - The first official performance of the Dance group at the
“Second Plattdeutsch Convention” in Bremen

1956 - Karl-Heinz Behrens becomes the 1st Chairman

50-60’s - Contact established with other Dance and Costume groups in Lower Saxony
and in other areas of the West German Republic

1969 - The building and dedication of the Sheep fold or “Sheep stall” as a practice
and meeting place on the grounds of the Homeland Society (Heimatverein).

1973 - The division of the Society into two separate organizations
both having the same objectives.

1973 - The group name “Dance and Costume Group De Beekscheepers e.V.” was officially
entered into the recognized club/society listing in the District court of Rotenburg.
Helmut Behrens became the 1st chairman.

1974 - Establishment of the children’s group by Klaus Witte who led the group.

1975 - The “1th International Beeke-Trachtenfest” was held.

1977 - Establishment of the Young People’s Group by Klaus Witte who led the group.

1977 - The Beekscheepers were awarded the “European Prize for Folk Art”
from the Alfred Toepfer Foundation FVS.

1978 - Foundation of the german CIOFF®-section with constitutive meeting in Scheessel.
The Beekscheepers belong to the founding members.

1979 - The book, “Lüttje Burdeern von'n Dörpen” (Little Farmer’s Daughter from the Village)
was published by Gisela Wulf-Behrens.
Unfortunately this book has not been translated into English.

1979 - Foundation of the Landestrachtenverband Niedersachsen
(Costume Union of Lower Saxony).
Again the Beekscheepers are founding members.

1984 - The Young People’s Group participated at the Reception for Young People
given by German President Carl Carstens in the Villa Hammerschmidt in Bonn.

1986 - Uwe Wahlers is voted 1st Chairman

1986 - Establishment of the Children and Youth divisions of the musicians’ group

1986 - Establishment of the Senior Group

1987 - Establishment of the Beekscheepers singing group “Beek-Uln” by Helmut Kröger.

1998 - Wolfgang Röpnack assumes the leadership of the (musicians)’ group
“Heidjer Dörpsmuskanten”

2001 - There is a change in the charter to read that “The executive board consists of the
1st Chairman and his two vice-chairmen...”
Jörn Klee assumes the position of 1st Chairman

2003 - Bernd Ostenfeld assumes the position of 1st Chairman

2004 - Special event: 100 years of ‘Trachtenfest’ in Scheessel and “25 years CIOFF®
together with the “Heimatverein Scheessel” (Homeland Society)
and the “Original Scheesseler Trachtengruppe e.V.”

2005 - Hans-Werner-Peters assumes the 1st Chairmanship

2007 - Jörn Klee assumes again the 1st Chairmanship with Gunda Meyer
and Bernd Ostenfeld as vice Chairpersons

2011 - The “International Beeke-Trachtenfest” will occur for the 19th time.
Beginning this year, the festival will be renamed,International Beeke-Festival.

2012 - Sarah Holsten and Sabine Schmedt assume the vice Chairmanship.

2014 - At the final Gala of the 44th CIOFF® World Congress 2014 in Bautzen the
Beekscheepers present their traditionell dances - the “Scheesseler Bunten” -
and cater the participants with with self-cooked Scheesseler wedding soup.

2015 - Klaus Bödecker assumes the position of 1st Chairman

2017 - A new generation takes the lead of the Beekscheepers:
Christine-Kai Humrich became 1st Chairwoman,
vice chairwomen are Sabine Schmedt and newly elected Tanja Rathje.
It's the first time ever, whe have an all-female chairmanship.