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The Adult group

This division of the Beekscheepers is concerned with the preservation of the local dances unique to the Church region of Scheessel including its surrounding villages. These local dances, called the “Scheesseler Bunten” were created about 200 years ago and arose out of a mixture of German line dances and French Contre dances.

The dancers dance the Scheesseler Bunten in the colorful holiday dress of the area-
the colors represent the black of the moors, the green of the pastures and woodlands and the violet of the blooming heather.

Linda Peters, Melanie Fricke and Sebastian Holsten are the leaders of this group.

The “Scheesseler Bunten”

© graphic W. Röpnack 2001 (background-image by Ernst Müller-Scheeßel, 1863 - 1936)
© graphic W. Röpnack 2001
(background-image by Ernst Müller-Scheeßel, 1863 - 1936)
© graphic W. Röpnack 2001  |  background:
Ernst Müller-Scheeßel  (1863 - 1936)
The “Scheesseler Bunten”

The most famous of these dances is the “Scheesseler Windmüller” (the Scheesseler Windmill).

Another of the old dances, the “Achterüm”, is still joyfully danced at present day weddings.

The indisputable highlight of such a celebration is the dancing of the “Grosse Schotts”!

Other typically Scheessel dances include:
The “Dreitritt”, the “Hambörger”, Kontra-Polka”, Kontra Waltz”, the “Leichtquadrille”, the “Kontra-Cross”, the “Kontra-Hopsa and the “Zeiraß”.

Last but not least, even if it is not a “Bunte” in the strict sense, the “Söbensprung (Seven Jumps)!