Museum Day on the 1st of May

On May 1 every year the Beekscheepers start their new season along with
the Homeland Society (Heimatverein Scheessel) on the occasion of Museum Day.

On the grounds of the “Meyerhof” (a historic homestead in the center of Scheessel) the individual divisions of the Beekscheepers present their music and dances.

Old and sometimes forgotton skills and handicrafts
are demonstrated for the visitors who can experience these work methods up close. Represented are:

  • Indigo dying
  • Rope maker
  • Basket weaving
  • Woodworking
  • Thatched roof construction
  • Cigar maker
  • Liquor distillation
  • Wooden shoe maker
  • Wood lathe carpentry
  • Farrier, Horseshoer
  • We also offer traditional food and baked goods
    to satisfy the hunger of our guests:

  • Wedding soup
  • Homemade “Knipp”
  • Buckwheatpancakes
  • Salami and lard open-faced sandwiches
  • Black bread from the wood-fired oven
  • Buttercake, freshly baked in the wood-fired oven
  • Cakes made with Buckwheatflour