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De Beek-Uln (the Vocal group of the Beekscheepers)

The Vocal group of the Beekscheepers sings traditional, but also self-written and modern Plattdeutsch songs.

Since 1987, members of the Beekscheepers who like to sing meet and sing together in the “Beek-Uln” group.
In addition to the preservation of dances and costumes, the group wanted to preserve and present the song collection of low Germany.

The Beek-Uln now sing about 60 predominantly Plattdeutsch songs, but they also include in their program a few modern songs as well as Plattdeutsch Christmas carols. Besides numerous performances in Scheessel and the surrounding area, the Beek-Ulns also travel to Sweden and Italy. A close friendship also exists with groups from Wyk on the island of Foehr and also groups in Bräunlingen in the Black Forest and Heppenheim.

The motto of the Beek-Uln group is: “He who sings doesn’t say dumb things!”

This group is led by Helmut Kröger and Anne Kröger.