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De Heidjer Dörpsmuskanten
(The Heide Village Musicians)

The music group of the Beekscheepers plays the traditional dances of their homeland: The Scheesseler Bunten and also folk music from all of North Europe.

The music group of the Beekscheepers supply the musical accompaniment for the performance of the traditional dances of their homeland, the “Scheesseler Bunten”.

The group plays in the traditional combination of accordion, violin, clarinet , trumpet and contrabass.

In the last few years, the group has widened its repertoire to include melodies from all of North Europe and has added additional instruments.

With this widened program, the “Dörpsmusikanten” present their own independent musical performances.

Initially the focus was on scandanavian melodies, later followed by the inclusion of north German “Heidjer” dance music which was common not only to the Scheesseler region
but was heard in the whole area of the Lüneburg Heath.

It became possible to gather together already forgotten or only handwritten dance melodies and bring them back to life.

New “Bunten” melodies were also composed which follow the tradition of the handed - down dances, thus maintaining for us a vital “old Heidjer” culture.

This group is led by Wolfgang Röpnack and Gunnar Lüdemann.